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These are invaluable signals that both you and your beloved WOLFDOG companion pet can use. Yes wolfdogs/hybrids can be raised right into amazing companion pets.

Knowing these cues helps us in depth understand and to "know" the best way to meet each others emotional needs by feeling safer and calmer thus adding to everyone's sense of security, which is essential for training. After all....a dog that trusts you and your leadership abilities will learn faster thru the bonding of the relationship, as he can receive/respond to instruction better. Reading and responding to these signals can help us have valuable insights on the why and how comes of what makes our particular pet tick, and then adjust to it, train with it!

4. WOLFDOG Fear can be expressed in many ways, pupils may widen and you may see the whites of their eyes. Ears may be back and head/body may lower to the ground slightly with a intense stare, while tail may be tucked in. This is a time to pay special attention as animals at this point maybe not be so predictable, caution is to be used.

1. Turning away, yes this is a wonderful deflection technique that can calm and diffuse nervous tension. This can be communicated threw the body, head, or even turning way gaze slightly away from the animal in question. (the message sent) = I am not a threat/bother and do not hurt me, lets not go there!

2. Scratching ones self, says = I am self soothing wanting calmness as tension is mounting. Now that doesn't mean it is always the case, so pay attention to the dynamics of the what is going on, the situational awareness I call it.  

3. Lip licking "theirs of course", is often fast and repetitive and not followed by a snack or eating/grooming. This is pure situational and important for you to see why your animal is nervous and stressed, project calm and confidence. Again adjust Fido's surroundings and see what is disturbing the air. A confident calm leader can help defuse negative or nervous energy.

5. Calm, you will find the animal most dialed into all its surroundings with harmony. The body language in the animal will reflect with a relaxed tail, and walking gate will be lose with fluid motion. A great time to play/love and train as they are like a sponge wanting to soak you in and learn trust. Trust is huge! Especially in training.

6. Submission signs to who or what are very important to understand pack order and those relationships within that realm. When the animal is submitting it will have flattened ears and perhaps lower its body exposing their soft sides (stomach). Its their most vulnerable move and usually respected by the one it is being given to and keep harmony in the pack . The wolfdog may whine as it grovels and lick to show the respect of the other animal or animals involved, sometimes even urinating. I like to see my wolfdogs trotting over to me with their ears laid back whining. When they reach me, its all kisses and I missed you!..This is a submission that I look for in my companions, its pure love that is mutual. At the heart of every wolfdog, he needs to belong to the pack, he need response that is positive and that reinforces his position thru your active leadership. All this is the perfect recipe for the harmony they are hard wired for= pack strength, leadeship, stability, proper boundries, harmony.

7. WOLFDOG AGGRESSION in (any) dog can be frightening due to its unpredictable nature, here are some of the signals......Not the time to be insistent, but calmly diffuse and address later! Safety has to be the goal!

Teeth bared, tail lifted high, raised hackles and perhaps a low growl. In a strange animal, its fight or flight common sense must be the winner here. However with your own pet, or that is relational there are better ways of handling the situation. Deflection is the best in order to salvage a relationship with the animal, a careful and mindful swift extraction is always the way to go. When the air has cleared, a quick study of what went wrong is in order, and make adjustments ASAP.

8. Mouth licking trying to go for a full on kiss!...Something wolfdogs just cant seem to stay away from, they just have the high need to soak you in, and they do. The purpose, many things.....taking in the very essence of you, biological and chemical. Perhaps a greeting, or hey what have you been eating? Or even a sign of submission, maybe affection. Somewhere the answer is all the above and its hard for them not do so......its apart of the connection and their makeup. Kisses Kisses!

This is just some of the common many gestures these wonderful creatures use. Knowing them will give you a keen insight into their wolfdog world and as they say welcome in. Hopefully you will develop this talent into a wonderful relational gift, that you and your companion wolfdog can grow in and cultivate.

Things to keep in mind, body language is quick and rapidly changing, pick up on the mood and tone of the environment to make proper adjustments in your own body language/facial expressions ect are paramount.

The family and pack tone has a lot to do with these ever changing sequences of display. You are the pack leader, calm and strong is what you need to project to make your animals understand the boundries you are setting while still giving them the security they long for and will respond TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 

We do not phenotype animals via pics, or by the net, so please do not ask.