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WOLFDOG and pup discipline should be stern but not overly severe (not a area to be weak in) makeup in a few minutes and draw them back in.

The wolfdog and pups alike, enjoy feeling you out and this is apart of their exploration/learning, as they wait and see. Yes, they are testing boundries and waiting to see your reaction and what it is all about.

Thus helping him know is positioning in the pack, just who is the leader anyway???

This is how bad patterns or good ones can take shape in the pack, and also relationships, so be on it.

Wolfdogs as pups, they sure can get nippy, its not cute, it will be full grown someday so stop that behavior before it starts!

I give them a strong NO! and a firm rap on the nose with my two fingers while looking into their eyes, transmit that energy of your displeasure (its a mild simulation of a mothers bite on the snout) and it works!

Its ok to snarl at them, they get it, and respond to it. After a few times of this, they see they have lost the battle, but they will try again at a later date, they always do!

Your patience with them is a virtue, so set the tone. A wolfdog is never in charge, YOU must remain top dog at all time setting tones, moods, boundries, disciplines ect.

 Even if you dont feel like it, show it, but couple it with lots of love and affectionate, be the ALPHA at all times. You have to earn their respect and set strong boundries in order to build the relationship and stabilize it.

They need and desire your leadership, they are actually looking to you for it.

IF YOU DONT GIVE IT TO THEM, they are like a bratty child who will take it, and dictate to you the rules of the engagement, which equals problems, as they are wanting to be the top dog...and show you how things are done. Wolfdogs are not for weak/lazy and inconsistent people who lack leaderships skills. So, start off on the right foot and balance out the firmness, followed later with lots of love, petting, touch and yes...cooing!

Socialize A WOLF HYBRID PUPPY as young animals, this is paramount for the emotional stability and dispels later fear issues.

Dogs can get aggressive if they are afraid. So get busy.....this is a plant..this a bath tub, this is a cat, this is kid, This is a stranger, this is a ride in the get the idea. 

Try never to have human arguments around the animal that can get out of control, it can really freak them out (very sound sensitive) they are dialed into their surroundings on all levels.

Keep a stable energy flow that is conducive to positive learning, keep in mind...they are always doing so! All attention to the above and more details, will make for a well adjusted confident wolfdog.

We introduced our WOLFDOGS as pups to our grand kids, which where 6 and 7 at the time. We encouraged them to do gentle tugs on their fur, and we would take food out of their mouths and disrupt the feeding dish (helps with food aggression).

This is repetition, a thousand times!.....Now, my adult wolfdogs know the order they are in the house, human's first, them the latter. However this is training at the pup level to groom into adulthood. There will always be testing of boundaries in the form of play, so dont miss the subtle cues to keep them on track.

This same technique should not be used on adults unless you are a expert.

 The end result, we have very mindful and affectionate wolfdogs that are highly socialized even to the public, not to mention children.

P.S. a wolfdog are very respectful and have protocols for meeting and greeting in a social order, they like us to introduce them to strangers...they are waiting for our response...( is it ok ?) (Mommy/Daddy...are they safe? Pack leader?????....they might look back at you, wanting a cue)

You will note in a natural wolf pack, they higher ranking dogs greet first, followed by others ranks. If lowers rankings try to greet first, they are fussed at, nipped and rolled. You might note this behavior if you have more animals in your pack. It is natural behavior, but as leader, do not let it get out of control. You must control the energy. Wolfdogs need lots of people friends in their socialization and it is paramount to their emotional well being. After all, you may not be around someday, who will take care of your baby? 

A important Key to situational awareness....when you respond with warmth and ease, confidence, they are conditioned to do the same, again making for a more confident companion.


They have sensitive systems, you will have to tweak their diet slowly and gently. With shorter digestive tracts, anything that contains corn or soy can cause them to have very loose stools, regardless of their wolf content. We like to give ours kibble that is lamb and rice, or chicken and rice. 

Supplement with raw veggies like carrots, not only does it give them something to chew on, it also helps knock down some of the parasites in the digestive track! Protein snacks in the form of boiled eggs and occasional hunk of cheese is a quick easy treat. Meat is also a must, at least four times a week we like to give beef neck bones to chew and naw on, along with various other cuts available. Making friends with a butcher, or a hunter is a real plus! Strange as it may sound they also like the gummy vitamins, also try the fish oil gel pills.

 Keep lots of leather rawhide chews, and soft ropes to keep these guy's happy, as you know pups and wolfdogs have a strong need to chew. Pups will be teething, so they will nom everything in sight, so get those alternatives ready.

Vaccinate as you would a dog, this would also be the case with worming!

Kennel and crate train at a early age, not as a lifestyle, but has a tool for safely securing your animal for a few hours at a time. It is not unusual for the wolfdog pup to strong protest this thru crying and chewing on crate. This is normal and will ease over time. It is best to start early as they will be used to it by then and not apt to show this behavior.

Manage your animals with great care and respect.

Never deprive your WOLFDOG of love and attention, just like a child IT NEEDS YOU!. Its not like a dog you can throw out in the back yard and forget about. It needs you and your friendship, companionship!..However, if you are willing to learn and commit, you will obtain the most amazing relationship of a lifetime. Please get a wonderful book on dog obedience training, and learn wolf behavior. Together, marry the info and then expect the unexpected of both worlds. Keep in mind, your wolfdog or any dog for that matter, should never be left alone with a stranger, much less a small child or another small animal. This is for their safety and well as the well being of the wolfdog.

We want to be proactive in preventing problems as to not create them.