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I have personally known and dealt with the executive directors for over 20 years in business matters. Let me just say, that they are very outstanding and ethical in all their business dealings with the public and private sectors. Their animals are indeed a true representation of the spirit of the organization, which is very well loved and taken care of. As one of the top educators in the world concerning my field, I would never attach my name or reputation on anything that was not stellar, as I am sure a lot of professional friends of AHA agree with, heck even the police dept. and military officials love them at the DESERT DOG K9 TRIALS! I think that is impressive indeed, as the most elite working units travel from around the country to participate and they, are their honored guests.

It does not matter if thru adoption or other placement, this organization is in it for the betterment of the breed. They have gone all the extra miles to produce a educational site that is laymen friendly like none other on the net focused on simple truths, not old science. Their clear commitment to both the novice and animal lover in education about the wolfdog, is to be commended, as it helps all parties involved to better understand this unique animal and lessen the likelihood of owner frustration thru proper education concerning the domestication process. As a professional educator at the collage level, I highly endorse this site. SUSAN CHURCH

I have received one of their pups several years back, and it was a great experience. I was able to come visit their facility/home and meet the pups parents. The enclosers were very clean and orderly, I was impressed that they were approved partners of the Arizona Humane Society and were inspected, putting my mind at ease, as to the care of the animals. The pup came very well socialized and had a very pleasant disposition, even as our pup has grown into a adulthood. I did have a care contract with their policies clearly written, no surprises as they expected me to inform them of the animals welfare and rehoming if it should be a issue etc. Very responsible on their part. My boy has turned out to be one of the best animal's I have ever owned. I would highly recommend them as wolfdog providers as their personal line is not just physically gorgeous, but smart and sweet. KENNY of Az

My lovely girl was a great surprise and fab addition to the family. We put down a deposit months before the birth as to assure our spot in the planned breeding placement. We waited nearly 6 months for the breeding to occur....waiting on pins and needles and then the day came! They sent pics immediately after the birth...minutes I think! It was like we were apart of the process every step of the way. They were very instrumental in helping us pick the right pup for the right fit...and they sure did match us correctly. We love our baby...and so does everyone else. We cannot go anywhere with people commenting on the exotic looks of our wolfdog. Her temperament is super loving and oh so smart!

We waited a long time for this pup and it was worth the wait! I think we will be getting another one from them, kinda hooked now, you cant just have onel, we love our Lilly bug. ROBERT A.

I found AHA on the net in my quest to obtain a wolfdog, my great companion not only has a great temperament, but some outstanding looks to boot! I did my research for years before I made initial contact, it just felt right when I did...they were responsive and of course knowledgeable to all my questions. I figured if they put in as much energy and care into creating this site (which reads like a novel and no one else has, other breeders) their personal lines must follow the same logic. It was a no brainer at this point, as their animals have amazing unusual looks that were like no other on the net for that matter. I gave them a chance based on the logic above, and very glad I did. I put down my deposit AFTER they qualified me for ownership and when the time came, they flew the pup in hand on the plane to deliver him in person, they really care alot about their animals. I would say everything has met my expectations and beyond. Thank you AHA! EMMA C.

We have 3 of their wonderful animals. We might be working on 4. Its are own little pack. The love of a wolfdog is like no other, this site has helped us understand what responsible ownership is all about. AHA is in a class all by itself. We have looked around before finally finding them, and let just say that other sites cannot even measure up as they do not fully address the whole animal, but bits and pieces of its nature. It was hard to take other sites seriously, as it turns into name calling/or belittling without facts and petty agendas or shameless lies. We wanted to know how to address the changes-challenges in the wolfdog, instead of other groups or sites game playing that only alienated us. The people at AHA made us feel welcomed, important and most of all responsive to any concerns as they have a fantastic group of people on staff. I think they have turned the wolfdog community into a better place by lifting the fog of confusion into ownership. VICKY MORALES

Can not thank you enough for our new family member. She is all simply one devine wolfdog. I love her little personality and her out going ways. I believe your system in raising them indoors from birth has accounted for her being very well adjusted to our new home. I am very thankful for this site, as it has been a great guide to help us understand the important steps in proper development. Thank you for being very helpful with our questions and being available as needed. You guys do a excellent job in what you do, and this website and your animals reflect your dedication to the breed. Forever a fan, Allen B.

What can I say, that will every take the place of such a great experience. Finding you on the net was such a blessing in helping us to choose the right new family member. I was thinking about getting a older one to adopt, but after seeing your animals I really wanted to have a bonding experience with a younger animal. Thank you for providing all the tools for me to be successful in rearing a wolfdog. Your information not only helped me raise my wolfdog up properly, but my other canines also. This is such a great site on how to become a responsible owner, and my pack thanks you.

Melissa Ethan

Thank you for sharing your expertise on the wolfdog-wolfhybrid. The information on the net can be overwhelming at times as some seems bogus and pointing to a specific direction, but when questioned there is no rational response for some prejudices. I am glad you point to your readers to do their own investigative work and find real answers, and I did. This alone made me have the confidence to get a wolfdog from AHA, thank you again for making it super fun too, as we enjoyed meeting your animals live and in color. We super enjoy our baby now....wink wink. JAMIE LAVOU AZ.