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This is part of our the tiered system of qualification and ownership, this is not a one application per say. Phone call inquiries do not qualify a person for ownership here is the process, give or take.

1. When someone has met our phone conversations interview with success, we wait again for the potential adoptive owner to ask to move forward.

2. When they are ready via them asking how to precede, we ask them to move to the deposit/fee stage when they are committed, there is no paperwork sent, it is all done online. It is not an application but a process, they are asked then to move to the questionnaire online, this is not a application form.

Upon completed questionnaire, again not a application, we review again if the candidate is ready for ownership., if not....they cannot move to the deposit/fee transaction, which is the 3rd phase.

3. When both parties have come to a agreement/understanding on ownership and. policies/qualifications/interview and the questionnaire signed, arrangements for deposit/fee's are made to be received.

4. Arrangements for Care contract to be signed and animal is to be released to owner in person, or transported and remaining funds paid in full.

We have a 4 tiered application process that is finalized in person. Again there is not just one application, it is a process of checks and balances and several Electronic Signatures.


Please fill form out completely and make sure to add your contact information. How did you hear about us?
What is your level of availability for wolfdog care?
Do you have the Time/Energy/Resources to care for a wolfdog?
Wolfdogs may be messy, vocal, shy, suffer from anxiety seperation. They may or may not be destructive to household items and they like to chew, please check if you are ok with this.
All foster/adoptions come with care contracts that may include non breeding, please select if you are ok with that.
Do you agree that you must contact Arizona Hybrid Association if you cannot fullfilll care contract, so we can rehome the animal.
Adult animals may come to us already altered, are you ok with this conditon as you foster or adopt?
Are you aware that Woldogs regardless of content, may have special diets and emotional needs?
Do you agree that any deposits for any reason for a wolfdog are non refundable unless the animal should perish before taking custody, and by agreeing to this, this is considered your electronic signature?
Do you understand that you recieve a animal from AHA as is, we make no guarantees to the future health or behavior, therefore you are responsible for all future vetting.
Do you agree to hold forever AHA harmless of any issues that may arise from a wolfdog placed by us to you in regards to health or property issues.
Please acknowledge you understand our policy, as we DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS given, but you do have options to have it rolled over to another animal at a time of more convience. If that will not do, you may surrender it as a donation and we will issue a tax reciept stating as such per your request.
Please acknowledge our policies on full payments of animals. We do not offer refunds.
Please accept that is website as a gauge for your personal journey into ownership, and that by outreaching to us you are ready for the responsible care of the wolfdog.
Do you agree to make sure you have proper fencing and footings as wolfdogs like to jump and dig, are you prepared?
Will your animal have proper identification such as collar, tags and or chip?
Do you understand that a wolfdog needs more than just dog kibble, that you must avoid grains such as corn and soy? You must also suppliment with protein, this list can be found here on the site.
Do you agree to never abuse your animal, this would include but not limited to, cutting, branding,stabbing, starving, chaining, neglect and murder
Do you agree to seek help if you are feeling challenged by your animal behavior
Please check that you understand these statements
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Thank you! Your information has been submitted successfully if you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]