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There is a lot going on this department, so lets start with what not to feed them.

Wolfdogs can have some sensitivity issues to certain types of commercial ready dog foods. Corn and Soy are not there friend, even lower content wolfdogs have a hard time digesting this, the result is distress and very loose smelly stools. So avoid products that contain these as to avoid bathroom issues that resemble big cow pies in your yard, which equals no beuno for your Fido. Wolfdogs have special needs in regards to their protein uptake. It is best to supplement any kibble diet with lots of extra protein in between feedings, this can be done daily. 

It is not recommended a kibble only diet. The information below with help with your creativity at meal/snack times.

Good old standby and to the rescue, try kibble made by TASTE OF THE WILD.

Commercial kibble has only been around for fifty years, so it does not mean it is always the best.

Consider the wild wolf, a dog’s closest relative. Wolves are hunters and scavengers, relying primarily on animal protein and a some plant matter that may be left in the digestive tract of the animals they have prayed upon. They are not, however, just in the wild, kibble eaters.

They were on the raw diet before it became the RAGE, and it is still the best way to go to extend the life of your beloved wolfdog companion. You won’t see wolves feasting on Bentiful; they eat raw meat, and lots of it, some of it even a bit decayed.

The veterinary community give us the impression that cancer, bone disorders, and other canine illnesses just happen to man’s best friend, they don't!..It all stems from a polluted diet! Cancer is huge and on the rise in us and American Pets, GMO and preservatives may be a culprit. Got it?

Think for a moment...the modern day fido is very pampered and really not designed for all the kibble stuff, but a more wholesome natural diet. It just seems so easy to give after a hard day at work....a bowl of the kibbly stuff. But is it best....not really.

What about commercial dog food, how does it really work for their bodies? Well, it certainly keeps them fat and alive and very happy, but on GMO corn and soy.

On the same token, the Western grain-based diet keeps us fat and alive too. Over 90% of all grains consumed (corn and soy) are GMO based here in the USA, we all know how we feel about that, if you are in the know. Think about how much cereal we eat!

GMO stands for (genetically modified organisms), they have no place in your diet, much less your dogs. Just as Big Pharma’s tendency to prescribe expensive band-aids that mask (meds/pills) that hide the insidious nature of modern nutrition or lack of it, as it is filled with fillers and chemicals.

Makes one think does it not? So, nutrition, according to them.........

(They have the agenda), has little to do with it. But just in case it does, they just so happen to sell an expensive kibble that they guilt you to buy(dont you love your fido!) – or whatever garbage their corporate sponsors have paid them to promote and 3 or more times the cost of a cheaper brand – that will fulfill all of your dog’s dietary needs, cause you love your pet right? How will your pup do? It is more like Russian Roulette! The commercialism is now about emotions and how much do you adore your pet.

Love your pet enough to research the products you are feeding them and the preservatives that are caked in their food!!!!!

Love your pet enough to research the products you are feeding them and the preservatives that are caked in their food!!!!!

Why would you feed a carnivore grains? It is not natural, yet somehow we keep feeding them it. I doubt wolves were out there shucking corn and harvesting rice and bring in the sheaves of wheat, yet we expect them to eat this unnatural diet (corn and soy based). It is foreign to them, and yes forced on them by commercials, and we think it is ok. Its their modern diet, that doesnt make it right.

And........ just what is lamb meal/bone meal? From Wikipedia online, it is “the dry rendered part from mammal tissues (mmmmm, rejected meat), prepared for feeding purposes by tanking under live steam or dry rendering.” After all that processing, what little remaining nutritional value of the “meat” cannot possibly counterbalance the filler ingredients (CORN/SOY) The dog gets full, and even happy cause he doesnt know any better Right? Our animals are eating processed, compressed kibble loaded with rancid fats glued together with preservatives. You can stick with the kibble, but prepare yourself for a lifetime of vet bills, doggie dental bills (the most preventable expense ever), and vast amounts of smelly stool. Remember, wolfdogs do not do well on corn and soy. It is not saying you cannot feed them Kibble, just find the right kind for the wolfdog, avoiding corn and soy!

Recomended kibble....Solid Gold, Blue buffalo, NutroTi

NutroTimber Wolf, Bill Jack, Urban Wolf, Barking at the Moon, Nutro, Evo, Taste of the wild to name a few, so for the most part avoid most commercial brands!

A Primal eating plan for dogs should consist mainly of organ meat, raw meaty bones (like chicken carcasses or turkey necks), and muscle meat, naturally and humanely-raised if you can swing it – just like us! Really, any animal product is acceptable. Make friends with your local butcher or look for the discounted area of your meat department. Wolves ate a wide range of animals, but it’s probably unrealistic to feed your dog antelope, elk, and deer on a regular basis, unless you are, or know a local hunter. Some pretty affordable options include the following:


necks, backs, wings, drumsticks, gizzards, hearts, Raw bones, but cook the meat and debone also..

Try some cheese!

Peanut butter!..stuff in a old bone to keep them busy!

Bacon as a treat, we love cosco's as it has a bigger bit than hormels.

Tuna and Salmon

Try some boiled eggs, peel it if your kind. Sometimes we give with shell on so they can have extra calcium. They seem to like the fun of rolling it around and biting it.


carcasses, backs, necks, legs, wings, organs, eggs, Raw bones or cooked meat.

Whole, oily fish:

sardines, herring, anchovies, mackerel, salmon, Raw or cooked


stew meat, ground chuck, organs, marrow bones (marrow bones they love and keeps them busy)

Cooked Rice and ground beef is a real nice hash treat!..add a little garlic, not much as it is a natural antibiotic, but can overwhelm food.

The first things wolves go for are the organs of a fresh kill. This is usually claimed first by the leaders of the pack in the hierarcy of feeding. They do indeed have a taste for the cheaper, fattier, more nutrient-dense meats, and sticking to them makes it possible to feed your dogs grass and range-fed animal products at a affordable price.

The Transition

Going from traditional kibble to raw feed can be a little unnerving for newbies, and should be done slow. Or, you can try a combo diet of high quality kibble mixed with raw meat ect, and this might ease into their system, however the dog’s digestive system still can be sensitive to explosive diarrhea. You could go cold turkey, but either way there could be some issues of distress. Puppies are blank slates and will take to the diet immediately, but older dogs may need a couple days to get used to the new food. Prepare for detox if your dog’s been on kibble for awhile. Vomiting, diarrhea, bad breath, and itchy skin are all par for the course. Hang in there as it is normal.

Stick to fairly basic foods at first, like turkey and chicken necks. Dogs love to gnaw and chew bones, so this will come natural to them, and a real great treat too.

The Benefits

To truly see the benefits, you have to try the diet out for yourself. Results tell the tale, but some common benefits include:

• Shiny, soft coats: the Primal eating plan for dogs will imbue your pal with a beautiful luster. Heads will turn at the dog park; you better get yours spayed unless you want a promiscuous, irresponsible single mother on your hands. Fish oil supplementation makes this even more noticeable.

• Pearly whites: eating clean food and chewing raw bones will clear up any plaque deposits and leave your dog’s teeth gleaming.

• Lower vet bills: eating food the dog is evolutionarily designed to eat will take care of the allergies and minor illnesses that account for most vet visits.

• Lower costs: buying wholesale and shopping for bones and organ meats are actually considerably less expensive than purchasing “premium” commercial dog food.

• Firm, odorless poop: on a raw, Primal eating plan, dogs waste little of what they eat. That means stool is small, hard, and without much odor. It also turns into white powder after a day or so, making cleanup effortless. Also, the added strain of passing hard stool will naturally express your dog’s anal glands, rendering another expensive vet trip obsolete.

Common Concerns

Don’t dogs choke on bones?

Not on raw ones. Cooked bones splinter, and they can get lodged in a dog’s throat. Raw bones are pliable, and the calcium content is absolutely integral to a dog’s health. So stick with raw and ones with lots of marrow.

What about food-borne bacteria? Isn’t raw meat dangerous?

Wolves seem to do just fine eating days-old kills as sometimes they bury there food for a later telling how long! Dogs’ stomachs are equipped to handle bacteria in much the same fashion, so don’t worry about contamination. Still, humans are vulnerable, so wash up and clean up.

What if my dog is constipated?

Again, the straining is actually good for your dog. But if it absolutely refuses to come out, a little raw canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) will do the trick. Raw pumpkin also firms loose stools.

Just meat?

Some great veggies (carrots, bonus they help keep parasites at bay by knocking them down the intestinal track) and they get a great chew!..spinach is awesome, broccoli too.

Try Satin Balls, a great way to bulk up your dog do to illness or lactation, they contain raw hamburger, cream cheese, wheat germ, raw eggs, shredded cheese and peanut butter. Rich and dense, combine ingredients and form balls. Feed as a supplement or snack between meals. Freeze and thaw as needed. 

Have fun with it. Your dog is an incredibly eager eater, and watching the transformation is a true joy!