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Marry this information with PHENOTYPING WOLFDOGS, this will help give a good idea of your wolfdog heritage.

Of course it is obvious your dog next to a poodle, is not a poodle, that is a common sense approach. So lets start off on that tone. Wolfdogs are in part yes wolf and dog. They carry both genes, but will express themselves at will and some shall dominate other genes in their expression. It is not always a cookie cutter approach, every breeding and pup produced will be genetically different in many ways from their parent, it is to the degree, which is the mystery. Two poodles cannot and will not produce a wolfdog or a wolf. However a wolf and a dog breeding can produce a litter of pups with different genetic markers and how they will express themselves in the looks and behavior of your wolfdog, some of those genes will be more wolf, some more dog.

A great example, two married people produce multiple babies in a family. The mother is black the father is white. You would see various shades of all kinds of brown skin tones, some children could be dark, while others light. I have personally seen this many times in my lifetime. Same parents, yet many different out comes. This would also include eye color, and hair. Humans again are not dogs, however it is a great example of what happens thru genetics and traits being passed through generations.

So...............lets get started in PHENOTYPING WOLFDOGS

The qouted WOLF% on paper is just a good honest guessTament, and is not a reliable indicator of the amount of the wolf that might be present in the animal, and this is for the following reasons.

The marble theory...........

This is a widely used explanation of how wolf percent might in theory work. Let us say that you have TWO animals, the dad is a pure wolf and the mom is a pure dog. On paper and thru simple math you would think that their offspring would indeed be a cross of half dog and wolf, 50/50 agreed? Sounds simple enough of a logical explanation, and really here is the pseudo truth.

But.....this is how nature really works. The

reality has to be phenotyped, an not but just a pic either. 

A pic cannot and will not pick up on a animals disposition and responses, turns, stops and running reactions. Yes a pic can be worth a thousand words, but phenotyping on a pic is in error. We do know a poodle from a wolf, but again the common sense approach. Phenotyping by a expert live in color is the most accurate way to determine the amount of wolf heritage in your animal. Keeping also in mind, age of the animals as it matures, will also show different traits, colors, behaviors ect.

Now back to the marble theory! The reality.......assume black=wolf, red=dog. Place 100 marbles in a fishbowl to represent dad's genes that are 100 percent wolf genes, so his marbles are all black. Now lets place red marbles that represent the dog gene, 100 percent. Now place these genes in a fishbow, her 100 marbles. Now let us create a puppy through the breeding process by taking 50 black marbles from dad, and 50 red marbles from mom, again, dad's will be black, mom's will be red. The precentages will still be 50/50 however colors and traits will be different. Now, a step further....

Now lets take one of the puppies that are 50/50 perecent, 50 black marbles and 50 red, their marbles mixed in one bowl, showing half red and black, and mate the pup to a pure wolf, the 100 black marbles in the bowl again. Randomly now take 50 marbles...blindfolded from the 50/50percent of half black and red marbles representing the half wolf to a dog senerio, from its fish bowl. Now take 50 marbles representing the mating to a full wolf, place it now in the fish bowl combined with subsequent colors of 50/50. What you have is a random pull of the possibilities of traits, that cannot be fully predictated, yet on paper the pup would be 75 percent, But the reality apon examination may be lower or even higher depending on how the genes show up. Alas in the confusion, dont jump the gun, it is not a just cookie cutter approach that is black and white...or in this case black and red!. They are wolfdogs, you will be amazed how these genes tend to pop up. As some one who has closely studied and breed these animals, it is not always a clear prediction. The domestication process also can and will change the animals DNA structure, this is based on how many years the animal has been breed in captivity. Please see a amazing documentary about he russian foxes. In as little as 50 years they have done a fine job thru the scientific study and breeding program to selectively choose desirable traits within the fox family. It has resulted in the piebald colorations and the barking/tail wagging of the fox, that was never seen before in the wild. Breeding in captivity will indeed change a animal, on many levels. 

Wild wolves are not wolfdogs, dogs are not wolfdogs. Information is varied on the internet, however little is still known about (wolfdogs) how much they have been effected by the domestication process of long standing breeding lines. Practical experience is priceless. It is not always one size fits all.

Wolfdogs...are not confused, people are......

We do not PHENOTYPE WOLFDOGS via pic, or by the net, so please do not ask.