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Arizona Hybrid is a Legal 501c3 both for the state of Arizona and registered with the IRS as such for Wolfdog Education, Foster, Adoption and Rehabilitation.

Arizona Hybrid Association is also a approved (inspected) partner with the Arizona Humane Society.

Our working with the Elite military and police k9 units Desert Dog, is as honorary and special, as we highlight adoptable and rescues, which are at no cost to 51$.

(We do not profit off indigent adult rescued animals) much less breed them!) We have our exclusive line of wolfdog for this, and our animals are chosen for beauty, temperament and health. Concerning our personal line of wolfdogs, we have paid for from other breeders and are selectively bred. We have never bred a rescued animal, nor will we ever, this is not the goal of AHA.

At AHA, we work hand in hand with our local community and have built a beautiful conduit for the wolfdog owner to get support and connected with other owners. 

Arizona Hybrid Association has one of the largest, if not the largest education sites on the net concerning the wolfdog/hybrid and its care. Making owners successful everywhere in their stewardship of this awesome companion. Key is preparedness. This site helps to be the compass in your journey.

Wolfdogs are not for everyone, but a well prepared owner is our goal, so they can enjoy this ultimate companion, hence why we exist.

With over a thousand visitors a day from our stats by our webmaster, we are educating the masses and dispelling the fear of ownership, as well as the breed.

Of course, doing this has opened us up to a lot of people and their criticism, insisting we mold to their philosophies, which we do not, as we pursue our own vision/journey and not that of others. We personally have had to deal with a lot of cyber bullying towards us on our site and other sites......

They insist we do not have wolfdogs (there is no breed standard), which of course, they have never met ours or even us, not to mention have had business dealings with us personally. They have insisted we are not a legal entity, which we are. So, here lies the challenge of such a controversial pet and the people who associate with them, and why we feel the need to state our stance on what we do, while offering a solution to those who have questions.

After awhile, you can see why we have a attorney on board our organization, to stop the deluge of gossip and funnel legitimate concerns to a appropriate party. We have viewed these individuals, as all ego centered, self inflated opinions of strangers looking to make their mark on our good name thru cyber bullying. Not all wolfdogs are going to resemble a high content wolfdog, nor does it negate its heritage. Nor does someone insisting we dont have wolfdogs make it true, especially if they never have met them.

In fact, you cannot find one animal placement negative review by a owner about AHA on the net (as we even personally fly them in our lap and hand deliver the animals to new owners)......We have a check and balance system in our adoptions that is tiered in levels. Inquiries and phone calls/conversations are not qualifiers for ownership, electronic signatures are required in our tiered system of acknowledgement of our polices and statement of facts. When a deposit is to be placed and agreed upon for ownership/transporting ect we move to the next phase of our inquiry forms. All animals are placed with care contracts once agreements are concluded, and this is done in person. Most of all, no one is forced to buy a wolfdog or adopt one, it is a personal choice. You as a consumer/owner must gauge your life, we are not responsible for this, and thus why this site helps you thru the journey of the owner discovery process.

We are responsible for the qualifying and placement of a animal after criteria is met. If one is not honest with us and not truthful in their position/this is again a consumer issue and is perhaps fraudulent if done so deceptively.


The purpose of the site was always to help educate owners on the care of this animal and to prevent re homing, disruption, and possible surrender/put downs and not play games in "hey...let me phenotype your animal...cause I am expert"

When AHA started the vision for this site, it was because there was a need in this area, there was nothing like it, infact all there was at the time were sites that played pheno games. There were none available on the net to address the care and needs of the WOLFDOG to be raised into successful adulthood. Infact, we get letters all the time thanking us on helping owners become better stewards of this amazing companion pet.

We have set alot of standards of change regarding wolfdogs since we have become a non profit, we have watched others follow in suit running to catch up and change their informational sites trying desperately to stay relevant. Its great to know imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. 

At AHA, we see our relevance being built from a foundation of our personal experiences with wolfdogs, and we have shared what we have learned to help others be successful. This by no means makes us novices, as we share our personal experiences. Our techniques/insights have worked amazing well with our animals, which are very well adjusted, and has been essential in helping others adjust to their animals while shaping their relationships/personalities.

AHA does not claim to be experts in wolves, our focus is the WOLFDOG, and should be seen as such. Its the domestication process ,of the WOLFDOG that makes a huge difference in this animals makeup and separates it from a wild animal. Wild wolves are not wolfdogs.

All our animals live in our home and groomed daily, they are our family members that share in our lives (most of the time we even cook for them and prepare special diets)

Our pups not kenneled much less neglected, our care of our animals has again been approved by the Arizona Humane Society, so much so, we help them as needed in the area of hybrids/wolfdogs as a approved partner.

Our reputation is solid and spotless, as our animals enclosers! WE have alot to loose as a public 501c3, therefore we retain a high standard of business ethics and followed by the most exceptional professional volunteers

(Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, Sportsman, Military ect)

We have cultivated relationships with police depts, military authorities alike, as honorary guests to highlight our works on bases and their private functions.

All our animals have care contracts when adopted out and have site inspections by us when local. 

Our polices...we will take any animals back if need be, to be reevaluated, rehabbed and re homed or we will help in assisting to do so via our conduit of parties that wish to help.

We always make ourselves available to help our wolfdog family members. I would say that this constitutes responsible ownership, as well as breeding programs.

We have retained a Woldog Expert Attorney by the name of Robin Montes, who handles all of our inquiries since we are a public entity in our dealings and are transparent. It is important to note, Robin is a volunteer and offers her services as such to AHA, as she believes in what we do, and our goals for the wolfdog and the building of our sanctuary. Robin helps out of love, let there be no misunderstanding or accusing that her passion to help is not marred by the ruse of a payment to defend us OR our honor, but out of respect for us and what we do.

Robin is a highly respected high powered attorney that works again to assure we as a organization are proper in our business dealings and ethical in all we do. Robin oversees all transactions to make sure we have crossed our T's and dotted our I's. Making it good for us....and good for you!

If you have any questions regarding us, or our solid reputation and the work we do, please use the below contact form and put attention Robin Montes. We will be more than happy to address your concerns about rumors, opinions or our policies in business matters.

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Thank you! Your information has been submitted successfully.

AHA is place of integrity and we hold dearly to our standards in ethics in business. Having a attorney on staff allows us to operate on a level that dispels myths, fears or intimidation's, and replaces them with facts that require decisive action.

We know we cannot serve everyone, and yet make them happy, but in the end, its the relationships with our consumers that is the truth, not strangers trying to look important or create a name for themselves, while they simply sit on blog sites to fill their time instead of creating a life.

However for those who have questions about us and what we do, a attorney helps keep the machine running smoothly, as they are a volunteer and are not going to jeopardize the work they are doing also, or associate with someone of less that a excellent reputation. We are all sharing the same vision we all work together.

We love our animals, the wolfdogs and are committed to their forever care. We are committed to excellence in resource and education for the responsible wolfdog owner, thus ensuring the wolfdog as a great experience and ambassador animal regardless of content. 

Some of our beloved Woldogs!