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Now why is the WOLFDOG, so.... misunderstood?

A lot is simply this.....Hollywood, dark novels and plain ole' camp fire stories.

I liken it to the game we play a children as we were in a ring and one told a story and as it went around, it slowly changed. You would think we would have learned something by then, right?

Even some wolfdog sites on the net are questionable with their info, but why????????


The truth is......wolfdogs have no breed standard and come in different percentages, so there is not just one set of looks or behaviors. You have got to do your research on wolf and dog behavior and marry the info, as a wolfdog can manifest to different degrees, and those ranges of characteristics.

Absolutes can be questionable when others insist, as mother nature will manifest as she wills where two biologies are concerned, and other breeds that are mixed in the particular animal in question.

You can not pigeon hole mother nature, as we are not clearly GOD, some outcomes just may surprise you. 

Remember this...all dog breeds are derived from the wolf, and the most popular breeds that we have today, are the results of mankind's selective breeding process of only the last 100 years. Yes, only 100 years of close selective breeding and genetic engineering, per the science of the dogs National Geographic, and of course all dogs are derived from the wolf.

You can see after watching this documentary this leave absolutes very questionable, and laughable as others hold on to their opinions stating them as facts. Pseudo science half truths that are muddied up are not truths in wolfogs. We are just asking you to do the research for yourself.

Here lies some frequent internet and round about WOLFDOG myths, again, found on wolfdog sites, I will address a few.

Wolves...or high content dogs "They never bark", of course they can, they do have some dog in them, (it, THE BARKING) will be to the extent they can manifest the habit, as it can be a learned behavior and a part of the domestication process, just like we can teach regular dogs how to howl. Wolves just do not incessantly bark like dogs. You can find videos of them yapping, a few barks, huffing ect on the net.

However some can huff, howl and emit other vocalizations, it is just to the degree. I have some that utter low howling huffs and warning yips, some do both!!!!!!

Wolves can indeed bark, I have seen it on documentaries, but it is not again...not incessant like a dogs.

How about this one "They could turn on you" Well yes and no! Its not just about wolfdogs, as any canine if neglected or abused could do this, even a horse, because they may have had enough!

I say it is all dynamics, there is a lot going on, if a animal turns on it owner cause it is all relational. 

Responsible/educated proactive wolfdog owners that are kind to their animals, will not experience such things, might I add trained also. I do not want to confuse this statement will illness or sexual maturity and hormones, as some animals can be cranky when in bloom. 

Challenging a alpha position can be found in wild wolves and common dogs alike, this may never happen if owner carefully establishes leadership from the beginning and reinforces the relationship.

"They cannot be trained" Of course they can, but I see wolfdogs more like a cat at times.

You can indeed train a cat. They are just so individual and seem self aware, at times and little to alot stubborn.

The more wolf present in a wolfdog content, they more challenging the training and less consistent in outcomes

They like to do something when the "feel" like it, or highly motivated to do so, making them less predictable.

Yes, they can take their sweet time about things. Mine do very well with routine as I like to make things predictable for them. I make them all sit before I open their kennel doors, sometimes its a second, sometimes they have to sit for several, same goes with hand feeding. Either way, I make them earn it!..They know I am the leader.

"Can WOLFDOGS be excellent or good watch dogs?" Yes and No.....what does that mean?.........

Some are way to shy and may hide!...Some may sound to the pack, which is called alarm barking. Alarm barking is to alert your family and is designed to alarm, that something is amiss, thus alerting/warning that something maybe afoot.

Some are way to shy and may hide!...Some may sound to the pack, which is called alarm barking. Alarm barking is to alert your family and is designed to alarm, that something is amiss, thus alerting/warning that something maybe afoot.

I always know by the tone of chatter, almost like a baby crying, it has different meanings, that shows what is the type of urgency is being communicted.

I have learned a lot in this area as a owner, you have to be dialed in.

Are they the typical guard dog you would find in a Shepard, rottie, pit, no not likely.

Wolfdogs as a whole, do have a different way about them, and depending on the family and the dogs breeding, socialization and protectiveness, it can all manifest differently (and of course the prenentages of wolf heritage).

One of my wolfdogs got spooked in my home by some clamor, she ran behind me, however when someone approached, she did not like, she growled and moved forward as she perceived a threat, a guarding stance. Odd, but it was a stance none the less she was making it known to the person she did not have the relationship with them, and they were on notice. She was saying indirectly, she did not like their way, but was willing to step up and put herself between me and the offender. 

WOLFDOGS are constantly on point to their surroundings and the the relationships there in. Watch for the cues.

"They cannot live with you in your home" it is often said..

They have a dual nature at times...they do prefer to be with you if you are heavily

bonded, but also love to be outdoors. Of course they can be inside, but always supervised to prevent problems, you do have to train them in your ways...

I supervise mine at all times in the home. When I am in, they are with me under slight and casual gaze.

Sometimes do to their high intelligence they get bored and you have to keep them happily occupied, chews and bones ect. help.

I like to put my pooches up safely when I leave my home, they have a nice large play yard to romp in. Unsupervised in a home can spell trouble, as they will jump and knock things over, and the wolfdog can get way too playful, and there are some of the issues, that most people are not prepared for this as they think it is just a regular dog that will just sleep and obey.

Its best to see them as a two year old, and you get the pic! Proper mental stimulation and exercise will go along way with high energy behaviors, walks and playing outdoors helps a lot also, wear them out!...

"They will hurt/harm kids". 

Any large animal should never be left alone with a child. Children by their nature are loud, have nervous energy and are quick moving, or simply have their own bad "pack manners" i.e. no home training!...and can get on any well behaved k9's last nerve.

Not to mention.... grab at them and take their toys and are near their food. Some woldogs can have a issue with resource guarding. Any animal can display this behavior (guarding) knowing this, can prevent issues such as bites ect.

Keep children away from their resources and if you feel need be, put the animal up for his or her safety, not to mention the childs.

We have introduced our grand kids to our wolfdogs when they were pups, however now that they are older and the wolfdogs are bigger the pack dynamics has changed. High socialization is the key while reinforcing with proper boundries. These reinforcements should always be positive in nature. They can only visit in certain structured elements as we watch the interactions.

Its wise, any large animal should be monitored near small animals or inexperienced people not to mention children. Proactive.....people!

These are AHA'S opinions....they are based on OUR cumulative personal experiences with wolfdogs. One cannot discount a actual experience or experiences AND how they have shaped our views. your views may be not of ours, but we stand on the truth of our experiences.

We do not phenotype animals via pic, or the net, so please do not ask, thank you!