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I have a passion for the care, Rescue, rehab and the socialization of these majestic animals.

We are a recognized state/federal legal

(non profit) 501c3

classification, that is committed to excellence in public educational resource/ networking for the wolf dog owner/persons considering sharing their lives with a wolfdog. We would like to advocate this amazing animal thru this educational website responsible ownership, thus to prevent displacement or cruelty to wolfdog/hybrid.

AHA goals are to bring the love of wolfdogs to the fore front in a way that is respectable to the breed while retaining the integrity of education that would help unravel the mystery of this amazing companion animal, while establishing the wolfdog as indeed a goodwill ambassador regardless of content.

We would like to state, there are many different considerations in the content of wolf dogs/hybrids that need to be explored to fully appreciate/ understand the nature and handling of each animal on a individual bases to prevent cruelty towards it. Really there is not always a one size fits all.

The best owner will educate themselves on the low, mid and high content aspects of a wolf dog and how it affects its personality/biology, before entering into ownership and the likely hood of having to re-home the animal due to unrealistic expectations. This is to be avoided at all costs, and can be prevented by reading the information on this site and seeing if the wolfhybrid is for you. Wolfdogs are a commitment that should not be entered into lightly, they are companion pets and not your typical dog that you can just feed/house/chain and then forget about their needs, as they have special needs.

A wolfdog can be a great addendum to a life that is purposed to fully understanding and taking the time for planning to meet those special needs. This website explores those needs, and a great prep for responsible ownership. It is a beginning guidepost into your own personal exploration as you begin to assess your life's checklist and see if this type of pet/companion is suited for you.

May we also recommend a book on Amazon called ....


A to Z

It is a wonderful resource! With all the information on the net, some can be tragically misleading, and full of fear mongering due to some peoples personal agenda's. Lets concentrate on practical experience from real owners who have successfully reared there animals into adulthood. Different crosses/mixes have different personalities and physical traits, getting educated on these will help in your pursuit of canine bliss.

Our personal companions are (arctic/timber/husky/samoyed) on paper, and on that note, I shall expand......

( There is not just ONE set of looks for the wolfdog) Wolfdogs do not have a standard like you would find in an AKC poodle, as they are mixed with combinations of various orther breeds) Please tell me, where have you seen in the wild a arctic/timber/samoyed/huskey mix? Tell me what you think it should look like? Experts don't look so smart now do they?

Wolves from different regions can, and do have different characteristics in their physical appearance (please feel free to study the red wolf, arctic, timber, jackal ect (all are wolves). Some can be leggier, have somewhat longer or rounded ears or denser bodies. Now merge that with some dog features. Phenotyping by a picture, now becomes not very smart. (unless it is the obvious poodle to wolf comparison).

Some companion pets have been selectively breed for certain looks and

temperaments/personalities, to have a very pleasing wolfish look while working on domestication traits. For example, our companions are not 100 percent wolf, they are wolfdogs, they are very well adjusted thru selective breeding/training to be somewhat the best of two worlds.

Our goal is to help be a conduit of education to owners and to assist when needed in wolfdog care and responsible ownership.



We do not phenotype animals, via by a pic or on the net. So please do not ask, Thank you!