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The wolfdog can have a dense/heavy/plush undercoat of fur, with the upper top side referred to as the guard hairs. The under coat will be present starting in the fall, fullest in the winter and start to loosen (blow out) in the spring. Summer's here in the AZ heat make our pups fur look very thinned out. Even though they are indoors with us most of the time, it still can be hard on their coats. Yes they can shed a bit here and there all year around, this will be depending what they are mixed with, so brush your babies on a regular bases, even daily!

The wolfdog will have a full and complete shed twice a year, called the blow out, this is in the fall and spring. This will look rather patchy and almost lumpy looking, certainly a bad hair day for him or her. Do not be upset or alarmed by this sight, as it it normal, sometimes you will find them rubbing up on fences and furniture to help with the pulling out process. This is were your helps comes in....get to raking and combing, gently please!

Hopefully your pooch will be nice to you during this time, as you will want to get in a good bath and start brushing/combing/raking all the mess out. Please be careful about this, they appreciate it, but it is a real trust issue on those matted clumped areas, make it as pleasant as possible. 

Watch for those little tynes on those rakes, as they can be stabby on their skin, so easy does it, gentle, gentle.

We like to start out grooming as early as possible for pups, we groom them twice a week, bathe. We massage conditioner into their coats instead of soap to prevent the drying out of the skin. Please be careful to not dunk their face or rinse their head under with water, not only does it make for a unpleasant process, It breaks the pleasure and bonding out of the bath for you and pup.

Try washing the face with a wet wash clothe instead, this would include the ears. Note that the ears need to be dried after the bath to prevent water getting trapped, which equals fungus problems or a earache. 

The hair found in the ear is dense, so double check and recheck for their health.

We blow dry our dogs.....but remember, we have done this since they were pups, they dont mind or are afraid as it is normal to them. I would try this with caution on other animals you do not have this type of relationship with.

Try taking a little dab of olive oil...little...smoothed into your hands and rubb into their coats...pure loveliness as it also soothes and conditions their skin.

What can I say, ours are spoiled. We follow all grooming with words of praise, lots of tenderness and bacon!

Regular brushing with a soft brush bi weekly, not only helps maintain the beauty of their coats, it helps with your bonding.

(the PACK cleans and grooms each other!!!!!)

There is nothing better in the evening than sitting down on the floor and watching my pups fight over who gets all the love first...No, they dont fit in my lap, all four, but they sure try! first!!!!! FIRST!!!!!!!!!!....