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Well of course, mothers milk is the first choice, but sometimes it is not available and the poor pup still has to eat. Key things to remember is this recipe below, remove as much air as possible when mixing, and be careful to use appropriate sized nipples as to not drown your baby. Pup will have to eat every several hours, he will cue you in. Speak to your vet about proper weight gain ratio's and get a good kitchen scale if need be to keep a log that is accurate.


Never use cows milk to feed a wolfdog pup. The following recipe is the best replacement to a wolfdog mothers milk:

-2 cups goat's milk (not Cows Milk, Puppies cannot tolerate it)

Available at most stores. If You buy the canned kind, You must add water, if You buy the refrigerated kind, no water is necessary

-2 raw egg yolk

-1 cup plain yogurt (full fat content, must be plain and premium.

-1 teaspoon Karo Syrup, not honey.

Place ingredients in a blender and blend or use a wire whisk. Blend well to mix ingredients but try to not over blend as bubbles will appear.

If many bubbles are present, strain formula prior to adding to the bottle.

This formula can keep in a fridge for 7 days. Never reuse old product, always make a fresh batch to keep your baby healthy. The formula must always be warmed up, please test on your wrists as to not burn your wolfdog baby.

If You bought canned Goats milk You can warm the formula by adding equal amounts of hot water to the room temp canned milk prior to blending. If You bought cold milk that doesn't need water, warm the milk in the microwave BEFORE blending the ingredients.

- Buy Baby bottles (stage 1 nipples) This is a thick formula, slightly enlarge the nipple hole to make it easier for the baby, but just a little as to not drown pup. This can be a real problem, as you dont want to get the formula down into his lungs, so dont squeeze the bottle to help along...Just watch and make proper adjustments to wolfdog formula, and correct nipple size for feeding.

-At 3 weeks old, this mixture can be blended with quality puppy food, At first it must be VERY watery and blended so there are no chunks. Every few days decrease the amount of formula until by 5 weeks of age the pups are eating only the solid food.

-This is a weight gaining formula. In large litters it can help ease the requirements on the Mother by allowing Her to feed fewer babies at a time while You bottle feed the others (allow all babies to have both, Mothers milk is always best, especially during the first 48 hours of life) This formula can also be used as a replacement to mothers milk if She is unable to feed or Something happens to Her. Just remember if at all possible, allow the pups to drink from Mom for the first 48 hours of life.

After 3 weeks, start the weening to semi solid foods, moisten kibbles ect. Pup should be fully weened by 4 weeks and on complete soft solid food. Noodles and tuna is a great little start, lots of slurp factor and they really like the soft chewing. Remember as they grow...wolfdog pups need alot of extra please check out our list for those extra additions.