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Keeping your fido happy will help distract from all the naughty things he might be getting into...almost like a small child....lots of distractions under the cleaver disguise as deterrents. These carefully orchestrated activities can not only add value to your beloved wolvdog's life, but also wonderful entertainment you both can participate in.

Remember this simply's all about wolfdog mental stimulation and wolfdog distractions....don't we ALL HATE getting bored! Mental stimulation is as important as getting exercise and helps also relieves wolfodg stress of being in a enclosed area for along time, a bit more tolerable if you have to be away for longer bits of time. So plan ahead. Here are some great tips!

Nice rubber kongs stuffed with treats, also Marrow bones, as they can be stuffed with peanut butter or cheese.

Chews...chews...chews they love the leather ones...We buy these by the bucket full!...

Sometimes their toys are a little hard to as they dont really last to long with a wolfdog.

They will indeed have a squeaker torn out in a nano second. The best toy I have ever found in this department was a alligator that had, like 20 or so squeaks sew in and made of this thick material. It lasted a few months..but sure was fun to watch them enjoy it! 

Bike tires...the rubber sides of course are great dragging toys, try this as it will ware them out if they can get a good tug of war going on.

Some people like to use motorcycle tires too, a bit heavier, but nice.

Have/make platforms to run and jump on. Please note these should not be near fencing as they could clear them, but placed out in the open of the wolfdog play yard.

Try some (scent/hide and go seek games)........

hide some of their favorite objects they are familiar with the names for. Our male loves a squeeky pig, I'll ask him......"hey lucian....where is your PIGGY?".......and he goes crazy....running around the house for it...looking and whining and oh so delighted when he finds it!.....followed by good got your PIGGY!....

How about going to your local hardware stores and piecing together plastic plumbing pipes with joints to make a agility course. Not very expensive but fun for you both. Please note, lol........... that your wolfdog left alone with the course may cause it to become disassembled, play like this must be supervised.

Also note that your wolfdog should have a friend, one that will suit his personality.

They are uber pack animals as you know, and them being alone all the time can make him lonesome and some a bit neurotic if they do not have enough mental stimulation, so separation anxiety can be a real issue, as well as destructive behavior.

  Have a play date and training for this, also helps in the socialization of your wolfdog. Please note that wolfdogs play rough and other owners should be warned in advance, it is perfectly normal, however not normal for some fido's. Wolfdogs play rough....enough said, as in a group they will start to find pack order thru slight challenging play! Dont you love pack dynamics for the wolfdog!

Another great tip....Exercise....exercise......wear those guys out!....a tired wolfdog is always a good wolfdog! Walking is good...but running them is better. If they will fetch make them go get it!...Ours just stare at the ball and say "you go get it"!!!!!!!!!!! So....we run them in a enclosed volley ball court filled with sand. Sand is a excellent drag on those legs and good for springing! Remember to always bring water on your outdoor trips.

Here is another fun idea......of wolfdogs and watermelons...pumpkins!!!!...and all sorts of frozen delights. Nothing is more humerus than watching your wolfdog conquer a huge watermelon, invite your friends over and pull up a chair for some good laughs. Frozen apples and peaches are great too...remember to take out peach pits as it could be toxic.

Try some car rides to the park or for a extended hike, your wolfdog will learn to associate a otherwise stressful event as leaving the house as a pleasant adventure. Car rides should be short at first, and built up to more distances and as they sometimes can get car sick. Plan accordingly and lessen his meal time until after the event is over, so both of you wont have to deal with a mess of, well, know.

In general, if you will play, exercise, groom and spend time with your wolfdog, you see a much more balanced and calmer disposition, that may help in elevating some behavior issues. Oh...and if you live in AZ.....dont forget your baby pool for those freshing dips!

We do not phenotype animals via a pic, or the net, so please do not ask!