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Some animals that come into care we cannot authenticate their heritage exactly, as their circumstances prevent us from knowing, therefore we shall refer to these as cross mixes. The majority of our rescues come from other agencies that suspect wolfdog heritage. Our job at this point, is to rehome the animal in a responsible manner to qualified homes and to find a good fit, regardless of content. 


Rescued from the elist at county by another rescue and placed in our care due to his unknown heritage.

Harley has been adopted, his fee 51$. 

CHEYENNE - FOR ADOPTION Fee $51.00 cross mix

Currently available as of 8/6/2013

Please contact [email protected]

By Mari Miyatake

photos*****UPDATE: July 2013 ---

GREAT NEW PHOTOS OF CHEYENNE! Cheyenne is doing well, and is a Londoloza favorite. But she really wants a home of her own! She will do best if she is the only pup or animal in the home... If you would like to foster or adopt Cheyenne, please contact me directly at the above web address. ***** UPDATE: June 24, 2013 --- Just took some great new photos of Cheyenne - will be posting them soon! Cheyenne's doing great, but is still waiting for her forever home or a foster. If you are interested, please contact me directly! Thanks! ******* UPDATE: May 22, 2013 --- I haven't updated in awhile, but Cheyenne is looking great! She was groomed last week and blew a LOT of coat, so now she's looking awesome! She's happy, healthy and loves to go for walks and car rides. Still waiting for that perfect someone to take her home to love furever

***** UPDATE: 3-22-2013 -- .Just got back from taking Cheyenne on a walk ! Got my usual death grip bear hug that lasted about a minute from the second she saw me. Boy does she look GREAT!!!! She's getting at least 4 walks a day 'cuz everyone LOVE her!!!! She's eating great; is walking well on her leash (well, at least after the first couple of minutes when she is initially "shot out of a canon" wanting to get out and explore), and being nice to all her four-legged neighbors. What a LOVE BUG!!!!! ♥**********************UPDATE: 3-15-2013 -- Cheyenne is doing great, and is looking forward to her first adoption event tomorrow with the gang at Molly's Mutts & Meows - West Hollywood Park from noon to 4pm!!! Come meet her and maybe consider giving her a furever home! ♥ *********UPDATE: 3-8-2013 --- 

Cheyenne is looking for an inhome foster, but mostly for her forever home! She is a great dog, but would do best in a home were she is the only pooch. She is great on a leash; very mellow and loving; spayed, housebroken, knows some commands, loves her toys, and is a very, VERY loving dog. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Cheyenne, please contact us.


Skye: male

We believe him to be around 2 to 3 years of age and most likely a mid content.

He was placed in our care from another rescue, they determined this in his evaluation to be a F1 or F2. His temperament is reserved and shy. He walks well on leash and does well with adult dogs his size. He will be looking for a adoptive home in early winter as now he is currently be fostered. We require wolf hybrid extensive knowledge and experience for this baby. Please contact us for more details and be specific when doing so. Thank you.


All these pooches require homes with no small animals or children do to prey drive and someone again who can nurture their nature and understand wolfdog behavior.


We believe him to be around a year or less and a PERHAPS a coydog, wiley came from another rescue...prelabled. He is a very sweet boy and extremly affectionate. His adoption fee is $0. Wiley has been ADOPTED

All our animals must go to qualified homes. Please contact us for more details and start by filling out foster adoption form. Thank you AHA team.

Meet Lady. She is believed to be 9-10 monthsold and is believed to be Husky/Wolf. She is up to date on all shots and is spayed. She is good with children over 4, cats and dogs her size. She was brought to us through local dog rescue volunteers and is currently being fostered.Her situation was she is an owner surrender and was in an abusive situation. The previousowner threw her out of the house and was threatening to kill her. She was ordered on line and shipped to Arizona from California She is NOT aggressive in any way shape or form. The original owner did not want her because he could not catch her when she ran from him.She also loves to talk and will howl at you if you howl at her. She is just a sweet girl, looking for her forever home.

Lady has been adopted, her fee $51

Why some people may choose a wolfdog breeder, as they may want the best wolfdog puppy, from a wolfdog breeding program, rescues are a great alternative to a second chance for these wonderful hybrids.